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Noble’s Services – Mens haircuts, shaves, line-ups

The Gentleman | $19

The pride of Noble’s. Consists of a Cut, Hot Lather Shave
around the Ears and Line-up. Also includes Goatee Trim

Spick & Span (SHAVE) | $12

Our unforgettable, relaxing signature service that will change the
way you think about shaving. Straight Razor or Safety Razor.

Old-timer (60+) | $16

Because you’ve earned it. Cut, Hot Lather Shave around the Ears and Line-up.

Laddie (11-) | $16

An introduction to gentlemanhood. Haircut, Liners only around the Ears and Line-up.

Straighten-up | $10

A Line-up with a slight taper on the nape of the neck. Does not include a Beard Trim

Shipshape | $7

A superior Full Beard or Chin Strap clean-up. Includes Electric Razor Shave

Tidy | $4

Clean up the rest of the face to match your fresh Gentleman’s cut.

Servicemen | $2 off

Military, Policemen, Firemen. A quick thank you for your service.

The Fiance | Call For Pricing

When you’re getting married, the last thing you want to worry about is your little brother’s haircut from mom. Let us take over and make sure your wedding party looks almost as good as the bride.